Post time

Well it’s that time of the year when we anticipate postal deliveries… our online Christmas   orders arriving in time to be wrapped and ready for under the Christmas tree.
And speaking of posts, I just want to post this blog message, apologising for my lack of Catnip uploads. I’ve been busy painting renovated kitchens (fidley) and with other excuses. The creative juices are starting to flow again…just like a well basted Christmas turkey. Enough metaphors.

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Novel novel writing

Follow Catnip as he pens his 31 word masterpiece…

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Vulpen fountain pen!

It’s all double Dutch with this week’s comic instalment. Inspired by FP Geeks Fountain Pen University, Catnip Cat doesn’t have an inkling why a fountain pen is called a fountain pen… or does he?

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One small step; one giant leap of the imagination

I recall vividly, as a 10 year old, my Mum walking three kids (and one in a stroller) from our rental home in Victoria Park, down to the Perth Causeway to witness the “World Tour” of Apollo 11s brave Crew. We waved frantically as Neil, Buzz and (what’s the third Astronaut’s name again…? Oh, yeah…) Michael circled the Causeway–only once–before being whisked away backed to the airport. Short. Brief. That 10 year ol’ boy will never forget! Check out Catnip’s tribute…

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Bad Cartoon Friday

See Catnip’s entry at Fountain Pen Geeks!
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Another record broken

Over 250 comic strips and 1500+ hits—an amazing feat! Despite all the hurdles and false starts… OK, enough of the Olympic allusions. Well, one more: the kitty is back on track!

Catnip do not do donuts

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If Ja! is German for Yeah, then YES… Catnip is making his way back in this bi-monthly July/Aug (JA) page. Check it out…

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