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Taking the cake

Catnip Cat’s creator celebrates his birthday Check out his latest comic kippers (er) capers! Advertisements

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Bad Cartoon Friday

See Catnip’s entry at Fountain Pen Geeks!

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Cowboy Catnip

Get along lil’ doggy… er… kitty? Catnip roams the lone prairie in search of adventure. Make sure you bookmark this page (MJ) and tumble along with his “Wild West” escapades.

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Everyone loves a hero

Well, almost everyone. Give your hero super-powers, a team of like-powered partners and, last but not least, a beast to contend with… The recipe is too easy. Creating the characters and posing them together is the real challenge!

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Swatch this space…

Collected some Tabmans colour samples from the hardware store. The names of the individual colour names amused and inspired my artistic neurones. I penned cartoons directly on the individual swatches. Check them out at my Ink Pad  

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Ronald Searle tribute

As a young graphic design student, in the late 70s, I used to spend many lunch hours in the library flicking through Graphis magazines in search of cartoons by my favourite graphic satirist, Ronald Searle. I was saddened to read … Continue reading

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Candy Store

Ever experienced one of those moments? Like a kid in a candy store you’re spoilt for choice. Correction: you’re paralysed! Too many colours. Too many candies. Too many decisions. I’m like that in an art supply shop. Gotta say though, … Continue reading

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