Ronald Searle tribute


As a young graphic design student, in the late 70s, I used to spend many lunch hours in the library flicking through Graphis magazines in search of cartoons by my favourite graphic satirist, Ronald Searle.
I was saddened to read of his recent passing away, aged 91.
Searle was my “ink-spiration.” I’ve long admired his versatile ink-work and have sought to purchase nibs that allow me to also create a range of expressive lines in my cartoons.
As a tribute I’ve penned a Catnip Cat cartoon – emulating Searle’s sketchy style – in fond memory of the Master of Penmanship. I used a recently bought Condor™ nib which, when flipped over, gives a downright wonderful brush-like effect! 


About Catnip Cat

Catnip enjoys a warm beanbag.
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